Frequently Asked Questions

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What areas do you cover?

We cover all of Teesside and North Yorkshire. We clean properties as far north as Billingham and as far south as Bishopsthorpe, just outside York.

What payment do you accept?

We accept direct debit and card payments with Apple Pay. If necessary we can also accept cash.

What type of properties do you clean?

We clean residential homes, offices and large stately homes of all sizes. Generally speaking we can reach all glass on a property, including hard to reach windows above garages etc.

Do you clean conservatories?

Yes we can clean conservatories each time we visit your property. We will add the price of conservatory to the normal clean.

Do you send reminders before you come to clean?

If we have your mobile number, we generally send text reminders the day before your property is due for cleaning.

Why is the glass still wet after you have finished cleaning?

Our water is goes through a treatment process that ensures marks and stains are not left on the window after the water dries. If we leave and the glass is still wet, please be assured it will dry without effecting the clean finish.

I have a locked gate, will you still be able to clean?

We can usually arrange a way to access that part of the property via a lock key or another secure way.

Do you clean internal windows/glass?

We don't clean indoor glass as a rule as our equipment is not well suited for this purpose. The only exception would be large areas of indoor glass on large properties.

Will you be cleaning at the same day/time each cycle?

Our cleans are fortnightly or monthly so we will generally be visiting on the same day on each cycle.

How often will you clean my windows, what are the options?

We offer one off cleans, fortnightly cleans and monthly cleans. The majority of our customers enjoy fortnightly cleans. There are some jobs such as gutter cleaning that are done on an annual basis.

Will the same person be cleaning my windows each time?

We have a hard working team of 4, which you can see on our about us page. Over time you will become familiar with us as we clean your property.

Do you do one-off cleans?

We do offer one off cleans. Generally these are at a higher price as most of our customers like their windows cleaning in regular intervals. Please contact us to discuss your specfic needs.

Do you clean gutters?

We have dedicated equipment to clean gutters and we will be happy to help declog your gutter. Many of our customers opt for an annual gutter clean to avoid buildup.

What can I do if I'm not happy about a clean?

Please contact us as soon via our mobile number (07402 872577) as you can as we want to resolve the issue the same day. If our team is still in the area, one of them will go to our property directly to identify the issue. If this is not possible we will arrange a specific appointment to recify the problem.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes we have full public liability insurance for all our team.

Are you a legal registered company?

We are legal registered V.A.T company. Our company number is 09786305. Our registered V.A.T number is 416137908.

Homes and conservatories

All types of homes with hard to reach windows and large consveratories can be expertly tackled.

Gutter cleaning

We have invested in industry standard equipment to unblock gutters safely.

Commercial offices

Businesses can trust us to ensure their premises creates a sparking clean first impression.

Large estates

Our team can provide a full exterior and interior clean on large and luxury estate grounds.